Amazing Feature Walls Using Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Want to add a pop of personality to your home? Or just need a little "something" to make your space yours? Try a feature wall using peel and stick wallpaper. The impact is seriously big and the project will take just one afternoon from start to finish. Yes! Like, less than three hours, AND no mess — we're not kidding.

Peel and stick wallpaper is super low-risk (since it comes off the wall completely with just a peel), so it's the perfect way to experiment with a design that speaks to your inner sprit animal or fashion diva, or whatever big and bold part of your personality is just crying to see the light of day. :)

Features walls can be in any room — the bedroom, bathroom, workspace, or even inside a closet or lining a neglected hallway. The great thing about using peel and stick wallpaper for creating a feature wall is that you can easily change it up without hauling out the primer and paint rollers. 

Find inspiration in these 5 amazing feature walls.

Dining Room Feature Wall

Black and white feature wall in dining room

This black and white hand-drawn herringbone pattern adds visual texture to the space, while leaving the color palette more neutral. Fun black and white wallpapers are my top choice to add low risk style to your home. 

Guest Room Feature Wall

Blue floral peel and stick wallpaper feature wall for bedroom

In her guest room, Chaney at @mixandmatchdesigncompany chose our Deep Greens pattern to create a vintage vibe, without an overwhelmingly girly feel. The crisp white sheets, blue rug, and coordinating lamps (hello, spray paint!) complete the show-stopping look. Maybe she should have saved this gorgeous look for her own bedroom because I don't think her guests are going to want to leave. ;) 

Living Room Feature Wall

Floral living room feature wall

Here is another floral feature wall that leaves me breathless, this one in a living room. The beautiful design is courtesy of HouseBeautiful magazine, showing off our Fields of Gypset wallpaper. With a distinctly girly feel, this room is a feminine paradise of tranquility. Just imagine this room with a white wall....nope! The wallpaper makes the look.

Office Feature Wall

Another fun black and white option, room by Olivia at Lust Living makes an unexpected statement that's full of energy and individuality. If you love this look but wonder if it will look "too busy" in your room, wallpaper just one wall to make it fun, rather than overwhelming. 


Kids Room Feature Wall

This is a feature wall for kids that they can grow into. Our World Map Mural is both beautiful and fun, with countries and major cities labeled to satisfy inquisitive minds.

Tips for Picking a Feature Wall Design

  1. Identify the feel you're going for. If you want a casual vibe, choose a less formal pattern (think squiggles and irregularities). Patterns with structured lines and symmetry make for a more classic look. 
  2. Coordinate your color. Choose an accent wallpaper that matches your current flooring and walls in terms of color. I like to go with an accept wallpaper in the same color family (meaning similar, but not identical shades) as other main elements of the room. Complimentary colors (i.e. green/red, blue/orange,  purple/yellow) are also likely to be a winning match. Here at MUSE we can often modify the color of our designs, so if there's a certain color you want, just ask!
  3. Don't be afraid to go with your gut. If you love a wallpaper or mural that's outside the box, just do it! Keeping the feature on one wall makes even the boldest design pleasing for daily living. Every time your eye hits it, think of the little happy dance going on inside your head. :)

And sometimes you simply need to throw the "rules" out the window. My favorite feature walls are the most unexpected ones. Occasionally customers will tell me about a project they have planned and I think "hmm...will that look good??" But they follow their inner voice and bam! The finished look is knock-my-socks-off WOW. From mixing wallpaper to changing colors, I love seeing unique ideas come to life with a little peel and stick wallpaper. 

xoxo Emily