Bedrooms With Wallpaper Feature Wall

A wallpaper feature wall is a fun, easy way to add a big pop of personality to the room that most reflects us — our bedroom! 

Using MUSE peel & stick wallpaper, a bedroom feature wall project takes just a single afternoon to apply and is mess-free. As self professed DIY-phobes, that's our kind of DIY makeover. 

Let's take a gander at a roundup of bedrooms with wallpaper feature walls:

Cozy Bedroom Feature Wall

Cozy bedroom feature wall with wallpaper

We adore this modern, laid back bedroom featuring our Midnight Nostalgic Plaid wallpaper. The plaid is a little preppy, but also something special with the dark vibe and vintage-style texture. It's also what collection designer Ashely Naum calls "boyfriend friendly" because our more manly counterparts love it, too. 


Bohemian Bedroom Feature Wall

For maximum impact, pick your bedroom feature wall based on where the wallpaper will be most visible. In this case, the main door is opposite the feature wall. As soon as you approach the room, you're welcomed by the fun Black Watercolor Succulents wallpaper and instantly get that luscious pick-me-up from the color-drenched pattern.


Farmhouse-Meets-Cozy Cottage Bedroom

Blue bedroom with wallpaper feature wall

This bedroom was 100% cream, which was soothing...but a little bland. The peel and stick wallpaper (which comes off with zero residue or paint peeling) is an easy project that pays endless style dividends. 


Bland to Bold Bedroom Wallpaper Feature Wall

Boho bedroom with wallpaper feature wall

Just like above, this was a very neutral bedroom with tan walls and tan carpet. Add a wall of vibrant botanicals and BAM — instant boho retreat. 


Black and White Bedroom Wallpaper Feature Wall

Black and white bedroom wallpaper feature wall

Sometimes a tiny room needs more than just white walls to feel big. In this case, the Spotty Dalmatian wallpaper feature wall enlarges the feel of the small bedroom and adds a relaxed, playful tone.


Neon Bold Bedroom with Wallpaper Feature Wall

Bold bedroom with wallpaper feature wall

In your bedroom, choose a design for your wallpaper feature wall that perfectly reflects your personality. Creative Jenna Pilant from Room Bloom loves bright color all over and chose our Miami Paint Swirl Mural to help her style shine.


Subtle and Soothing Wallpaper Feature Wall

Real Simple Bedroom with wallpaper feature wall

Another designer favorite, Jenny Komenda picked a gorgeous semi-neutral wallpaper, Leaf Branches, to add visual texture to this room. We love how it all works together to create a perfectly serene bedroom retreat. 


Modern Dalmatian Bedroom Wallpaper Feature Wall

Black and White Dalmatian Bedroom feature wall


If you're looking for a BIG statement wall that goes with almost any color scheme — to give you flexibility to change things up periodically — then try a bold black and white design like our Spotty Dalmatian Large Wall Mural

World Map Bedroom Mural

bedroom with wallpaper feature wall map

Attention all bookworms and geography bee champions — a full-wall map mural is calling your name. This large scale map wallpaper is a sophisticated choice feature wall that adds character and charm. 


Boys Bedroom with Wallpaper Feature Wall

boys bedroom with wallpaper feature wall

So. Much. Color! We feel energized and optimistic from just a glimpse of this boy's bedroom makeover by Tina at Eclectic Twist. The wallpaper feature wall is the same Miami Paint Swirl Mural we saw above from Jenna Pilant, but this time it's fit to a standard 8 foot wall and matched with black ceiling, blue rug, and neon accent colors. 

Attic Bedroom With Wallpaper Feature Wall

cozy boho bedroom with wallpaper feature wall

Gah! How cute is this? Here the attic bedroom's wallpaper feature wall is angled, which makes the space feel so cozy — like a secret hideaway. The Found in the Wild peel and stick wallpaper adds some major bohemian flair. 

Girls Bedroom with Wallpaper Feature Wall

Girls room with wallpaper feature wall

Take a peek at this little girl's bedroom wallpaper feature wall — pink and purple flowers that are the dreams of many little lasses. The Pretty in Pink Floral Wallpaper is a little vintage, a little modern, and completely perfect for a girly girl.

Breezy Boho Bedroom With Wallpaper Feature Wall

Blue boho bedroom with wallpaper feature wall

The creative who worked on MUSE Wall Studio branding chose our Blue Bohemian Scallops design for her guest bedroom wallpaper feature wall. We think it's perfect for the space: casual, eclectic, and fun for a relaxing retreat for guests. The blue compliments a huge range of accent colors — the rich brown flooring, bright orange or yellow accents, or jewel tone accessories and plants.

Most of the rooms shown here used 3-6 panels of size 27 inches wide x 96 inches high to complete the wall. For sizing information, please see the details for each product, or contact us for help with your specific space. We'd love to help you get started on your bedroom feature wall.