Create an Inviting Dining Room

The countdown is on — holiday guests will be arriving soon. Or at least you might have the urge to invite holiday guests to your home sometime soon....if your house feels "guest ready," that is! 

This time of year a prime room to focus on decorating is the dining room, where friends and family can gather around a table to share a meal and reminisce on favorite memories. Today we're showing you a little dining room wallpaper inspiration to help you make an inviting space for your guests. 

Our in-house decorator Becky getting her dining room ready for guests with a custom version of our Luxe Damask wallpaper

A dining room is one of those spaces that encompasses a wide range of layouts. You might have a separate dining room, you might have an open floor plan and more of a dining area, or you may have a bar or small nook for eating. There are ways to cozy up all of those spaces with wallpaper and make it feel just right for your guests.

Let's explore...

Separate Dining Rooms

If you have an actual room for your dining table, then get excited because it's easy to use wallpaper and accessories to make a truly distinct feel in the room, different from all other areas of the house. I love a dark, moody space with glowy light for an evening gathering. 

This dining room is from Hook and Hearth featuring our Ferns in Black wallpaper. Isn't it cozy and beautiful?

In the Hook & Hearth dining room above, the dark wallpaper really defines the space, and the throw blankets over the chairs give an extra cozy feel. Here's another look with it all dressed up for Christmas...

Holiday table decorations from Hook & Hearth with Ferns in Black wallpaper in the background.

In the room below one of our customers makes a big statement with soothing jewel tones all around. The wallpaper is Found in the Wild, and here is paired with a beautiful peacock green under the chair rail.

The walnut trim looks lovely with these colors, and notice the blue carries over to the adjacent room to create unity. The holiday table is decorated with cranberry hues, playing off of the floral elements in the wallpaper. This room is DRENCHED in rich color and we love it. What a way to set the mood!

Jewel tone dining room ready for the holidays using Found in the Wild wallpaper.

Open Floor Plan Dining Areas

Some homes have an open dining area. Wallpaper can define your space to make it feel distinct, while also creating a subtle atmosphere different from the other spots in the open room. 

In the above photo we've made a custom color of our Modern Herringbone wallpaper for this customer. In this case the wallpaper is under the chair rail, and helps to define a separate area for dining. 

In this fun time-lapse photo we see another open dining area transformed with three panels of peel and stick wallpaper (Palms wallpaper). Now it feels like cozy, separate space for entertaining and making memories. 

Smaller Dining Spaces

Just because your dining area is on the small side doesn't mean you can't create a cozy vibe, or add some special personality. Here are a few wallpaper projects just right for smaller dining spaces that add that special touch. 

This dining room/bar is kicked up a notch with our Cleopatra wallpaper and some chic bar stools. 

Another fun bar area transformed with one of our herringbone wallpapers and fire engine red stools. 

Don't have a large space for dining? No worries — give a piece of furniture in your nook, corner, or dining area the special treatment. Above is a customer photo of a dining hutch makeover, using some paint and a customized color of our Blue Bohemian Scallops wallpaper. So cute for a little dining nook.

Here's another hutch, using our Navy and Gold Hexagon wallpaper on the back of the shelf, which makes the minimal decorations really stand out. 

Isn't this bar area so vibrant and fun? Very inviting for guests, whether it's after work cocktails or mid-day brunch. Get the look with our Watercolor Succulents wallpaper

Finishing Touches

With a vibrant wallpaper, there's little need for extra decorations. Simply fill your table with some festive accessories — a simple tablecloth, a few strings of garland, themed napkins, and a low centerpiece will round out the look.

For a centerpiece, think beyond flowers. Try a bowl of oranges and crab apples; mix pinecones with some spruce cuttings; or a simple bowl of holiday ornaments would look wonderful. You can also make a small grouping of candlesticks (they don't have to match) or pull out an old (or old-looking) candelabra to create an intimate atmosphere.

For an extra personal touch, add a dried flower stem or named place card to each place setting. A little "gift" at each plate is a nice addition, such as a small chocolate or other special one-bite morsel. 

We hope this quick wallpaper inspiration photo-tour gave you an idea or two to turn your dining space into an inviting retreat for you and your holiday guests. If you have questions about wallpaper sizing for your specific project, visit our How to Measure mini tutorial or ask us for our recommendation. We're always happy to help.