Final Roundup of Summer Wallpaper Recs

Fall is almost here! It’s right around the corner! It doesn’t care whether you’re Team Summer or not! But we’ll honor summer’s end with one last round of summery wallpaper recommendations before the autumnal morning chill becomes too unremitting.

Ferns in Khaki

Neutral in color palette but not in cuteness factor, your walls would be lucky to be adorned with these little leaflings! This print would make for a unique accent wall in any space. Plus, the design was hand painted by the awesome Naomi McCavitt, who we’ve featured previously.


Sunny Ombre Latticework

If you can’t soak up the sun’s rays until 8-something-PM, maybe you can at least trick your brain into thinking you can. It’s a loss in the Vitamin D department, but a win for stunning home decor. (We’d rather have real sunlight—why can’t we have long days and pumpkin spice everything?—but if this is the consolation prize, at least it’s reeeaaally pretty.)


Peony Buds on Soft Green

This beauty is by our September artist of the month, Morgan Rollinson. Its simple elegance would be a perfect choice to elevate a dining or sitting room. Where would you style it? Let us know!

This is but a small selection of prints that help us cling to the tail end of summer, so feel free to check out our full selection here. Happy end of summer to all!

- Leah from MUSE