Surprising Benefits of Holiday Decorating

We're all been under a bit of extra stress lately, eh? Now that the holidays are here there's something fun we can do to improve our mood, and that's....decorate!

Psychologists are explaining that it's actually beneficial to embrace the season and put our focus on holiday decorating and preparations. Hanging the mistletoe, decorating the tree, making Christmas ornaments, and lighting the candles can all have a positive impact on our mental health. Here are a few reasons why you NEED to decorate for the holidays this year:

  1. Holiday decorating is a healthy distraction from heavy stuff. Your mind can take a break from politics, viruses, crazy people, money stress, family stress...and just focus on making your space a little bit festive. Ahh...
  2. Makes You Feel a Bit More In Control. Did you know decorating gives you a sense of mastering your environment, allowing you to feel in control? Sometimes life feels out of control, so take this opportunity to reclaim power, even for an afternoon while you sprinkle holiday cheer everywhere.
  3. Reframe to Focus on the Little Things. What's more "focus on the little things" than setting out a tiny Christmas figurine and thinking "aww, that's cute." Expand the thought to acknowledging that simple decorations can bring a real sense of joy and excitement. Sometimes it's that easy.
  4. Looking Forward to a Celebration is Uplifting. The countdown to Christmas is always a little fun, even for adults. Starbucks has the much awaited seasonal drinks, friends are surprising friends with little treats, dogs are sporting their elf outfits on walks (so cute). It's a fun time so let yourself get caught up in the holiday spirit. 
Surprising psychological benefits of holiday decorating

If you want to partake, here's a big 'ol list of ways to decorate and prepare for holiday merriment:

  • Hang a wreath, or two or three! We like a fresh wreath above the hearth and a faux wreath for the front door. Add a wreath over your bed, or hang mini wreaths in your windows or on kitchen cabinets. A simple pine wreath with a contrasting ribbon bow is all you need.
  • Add lights everywhere — outside the house and inside, from little fairy lights to big bright outdoor decorations.
  • Light all the candles, scented or unscented.
  • Boil a Christmas Potpurri on the stove to make your house smell great.
  • Get a Christmas tree (or two or three!) and decorate it all up to your heart's content.
  • Pull out all your seasonal decorations, and don't forget to add holiday decor to the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.
  • Hang bows on your mirrors. Use whatever kind of ribbon your heart desires. Black and white stripes? Festive polka dots? Gold sparkles? Go for it!
  • Add fresh greenery to your space. This could include fresh clippings from your yard, a potted poinsettia at the front door, or some free branches from your nearest Christmas tree lot. 
  • Make homemade garland! We're rocking some gold paper stars strung on thread. We're also eyeing a super cute DIY felt magnolia garland. And there's always the traditional popcorn garland! Just beware of little mouths eager to munch on popcorn for the taking, 😝
  • Cut out snowflakes. Pull out the glue and glitter to take it to the next level of amazing.
  • Display sugared fruit on a platter or cake stand. Either use real sugar coating (cover in simple syrup to make the sugar stick), or use a combination of white and silver glitter. Faux pears, limes, and grapes looks great!
  • Make some origami Christmas trees and put them on display.
  • Paint your windows with snowflakes, holly, or other holiday themed art. Use acrylic paint for the best look.
  • Add plaid. Plaid pillows, table runner, doormat, ribbons...plaid is rad for winter!
  • Tie tassels to knobs...and maybe even add some jingle bells! Just avoid the bells on your kids' doors. We wouldn't want to be responsible for sabotaging nap time. 😜
  • Set out a festive bowl of nuts — shells on! Mix in cranberries and pomegranates for some color. Kumquats would be fun, too.
  • Add seasonal blankets and throw pillows to your bedding. 
  • Build a Christmas village with cardboard. Those Amazon boxes will live on as festive decor!
  • Don garland and lights on your other houseplants. Don't let those plant babies feel left out! 
  • Create a holiday coffee station. Pull out the Christmas mugs, add shakers filled with cinnamon sugar and cocoa sugar, and use candy canes as drink stirrers. Bonus points for a seasonal creamer and whipped cream in the fridge!
  • Put real branches in a vase, then decorate with ornaments, lights, or garland.
  • Make a gingerbread house! Perfect excuse to eat candy, tbh.
  • Don't forget to play Christmas music while you're decorating!

If you're into wallpaper that looks great all year round and also enhances your holiday decor, we love Buffalo Check Mate and all of our Nostalgic Plaid line. Or get some samples of those prints and make a mini gallery wall by framing the small swatches. Laye them with paper cut outs of greenery or snowflakes or stars on top. Super cute.

Happy holidays to you and your family from MUSE Wall Studio!