It’s Fall, Y’all!

Autumn is officially upon us, so it’s time for us seasonal stylists to prepare for the next two months’ decor! As usual, there are so many more prints to choose from than those showcased here, but I want to share a few I’ve got my eye on…

Fallen Orchids in Beige

Hear me out, I know the name says this is a flower print, but I’m seeing abstract pumpkins for sure. Beauty (and design?) is in the eye of the beholder, right? Eh, I’m no art expert, but these warm tones and gourdlike shapes seem like they would cozy up a fall-themed living room with ease—remember, our wallpaper can be used on DIY accent projects too, if committing to a whole wall seems extra for a small amount of time (which, fair)! Check out the rest of Heather Bloem’s MUSE prints here.

Smudged Inky Herringbone

Bohemian decor often coincides with fall decor in my mind, and this herringbone print does just the trick for both vibes. This would also make a beautiful year-round wallpaper due to its understated nature giving you lots of room to work with! Britt Mills’ full collection can be found here.

Plume Mountain Mural

This gorgeous abstract mountain mural may be for the more bold among us, but it’s stunning enough to make even the most play-it-safe decorators want to give it a try. The mountains and beautiful warmth of the color palette make me want to take a trip to Carter Mountain Orchard for some warm apple cider ASAP. Susan McClelland’s collection is right this way.

Let us know your thoughts on these prints, and/or what your personal fall favorites are!

- Leah from MUSE