Simple Framed Wallpaper Wall Art

Need to cover a BIG wall with amazing color and pattern for, um, not a million dollars? 

Oh have we been there. 😜

Today's project inspiration is just for you. We're going to show you how to do this step-by-step (there aren't a lot of's pretty simple...) so you can recreate the look in your home.

Let's make faux framed wallpaper art!

How to make faux framed wallpaper wall art

1. Measure your wall

First measure the height of the space you want to fill. In the photo here, the ceilings are about 10 feet tall and the space above the wainscoting is roughly 7 feet. Therefore, this project needs wallpaper panels size 27" wide x 96" high. If you have standard 8 foot ceilings with wainscoting, choose the 27" wide x 64" high size instead. This project would also look great on a wall without wainscoting.

Next you'll measure the width of your space to know how to position the panels. Ideally you'll want 8 to 13 inches of wall space between your panels.

The wall shown here is roughly 11 feet wide, so three panels size 27" wide x 96" high will be perfect. If in doubt...eyeball it! We don't normally recommend that, but for a project like this you have a lot of wiggle room with spacing between the panels.

Once you know the size and quantity of wallpaper you need, place your order and get excited! 

2. Position and apply your wallpaper

Use a pencil to mark where you want the panels to go on the wall. For this three-panel project, find the center point of the wall. That will be where your first panel goes. Draw a level line at the top, center of the wall so you're sure the panel goes on straight. 

To apply the wallpaper, simply peel off a foot or two of the paper backing and press the stick side of the wallpaper onto the wall. Smooth down the top section, making sure to reposition it until it's perfectly level. Then just peel off the rest of the paper backing and smooth the panel down the wall. So. Easy.

For the next panels, make a mark 8 to 13 inches to the right and left of your first panel, then repeat the process. Draw a level line at the top and apply the peel and stick wallpaper. After your panels are up, step back and make sure they look straight and even. You can always reposition if needed!

If you need to trim the wallpaper, you can either do that before you apply (with scissors — keep the paper backing on!) or after you've applied to the wall. If you trim after you've applied, use a straight edge and a sharp blade. We recommend a fresh x-acto knife. 

3. Frame your wallpaper

To finish the project get some molding to make your frame. This is a nice option for the molding, but feel free to go with something more or less ornate that works with the style of your space. For each wallpaper section, get two pieces of molding size 27 inches wide, and two pieces that match the height you chose when measuring initially. Have the store make the cuts for you, and explain you need mitered corners to make a frame.

Paint the molding before you install it. We love a nice semigloss option in white or black. You could also choose an accent color, which would be so much fun. For this room, think aqua or bold pink to match the hibiscus.

Since your wallpaper is nice and level, you can use it as a guide to install the molding. A nail gun will pin the pieces of molding to the wall, and you'll fill in the holes with putty and paint.

That's it! What do you think? If you've been sitting around dreaming of a fun wallpaper project, but don't have the budget your heart desires...this is for you. Hit "play" on your favorite podcast and knock out this project in a couple afternoons. 
We suggest spending one afternoon gathering your supplies and painting the molding, then your other afternoon will be used applying the wallpaper (this will take make 5 minutes per panel, max) and nailing in the molding (the bulk of the time for this project).
Once you finish this framed wallpaper wall art, send us your before and after photos because we're kind of obsessed with your projects. :)