Vintage Inspired Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Ready for a behind the scenes peek into the latest collection here at MUSE? 

Last year the lead at Anchor & Fade, a creative company known for interior styling and events, approached us with a pitch for a wallpaper collection inspired by cozy weekend retreats in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Think sunset s'mores with friends, and Adirondak chairs camped around a fragrant fire.

Of course we started falling in love with the idea immediately. :)

The jumping off point was this gorgeous palette, which we think is so prescient and picked up on a lot of trends starting to play out now — soft and fresh muted tones that invite relaxation without losing color or interest.

2020 color trends for home decor

The starting place for Anchor & Fade's new wallpaper collection, offered exclusively at MUSE Wall Studio.

The intention for the collection is to bring joy and serenity, while lessening the noise that constantly surrounds us. With the concept of slow living, connecting with loved ones and the natural world around us, Anchor & Fade hit the ground running with some mood boards to really hone in on the feel they were after. 

They set out to create some soft and airy looks...

Light and Airy mood board

Light and Airy mood board for the Anchor & Fade wallpaper collection.

And also some bold and playful options...

Bold color mood board

Bold mood board for Anchor & Fade wallpaper designs.

The final collection is a really beautiful blend of old and new that will be at home with so many different decor styles and spaces. 

The Plaids

Part one of this collection is the incredible cornucopia of plaids (eleven different color options!). The Nostalgic Plaid designs are a modern take on the traditional tartan plaid and come in both soft and bold color palettes. 

Tartan plaid peel and stick wallpaper

Midnight Nostalgic Plaid Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Soft neutral plaid peel and stick wallpaper for nursery

Natural Nostalgic Plaid Peel & Stick Wallpaper

We love these SO MUCH because this updated plaid is extremely versatile and appeals to both our masculine and feminine sides, which is perfect for a bedroom or living space shared with the whole family.

The Pennants

Part two of the collection are pennants. The Classic Pennants designs are a fun inclusion in the collection, and are based on vintage felt pennants showcasing travels and teams and school spirit. There's a subtle visual texture that gives a hint of vintage look, which we're madly in love with. The Classic Pennants design comes in six different color options.

Sports pennants peel and stick wallpaper

Blue Classic Pennants Peel & Stick Wallpaper

We imagine the Classic Pennants designs for a wide range of spaces:

  • Nursery (how darling would this be with a kitschy camp theme!)
  • Bedroom showcasing travel souvenirs and thrift shop finds
  • Office with leather couch and banker's lamp 
  • Man cave complete with pool table and bar

The Stripes

Lastly, part three of the collection is inspired by classic American colonial design. Here Anchor and Fade is slowing things down and stepping back to a simpler time with this graceful take on Vintage Stripes, also offered in six colors.

Vintage stripes peel and stick wallpaper

Sage Vintage Stripes Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Like the Classic Pennants wallpaper, the stripes collection has a soft visual texture over a triad of colors that make for a truly peaceful look. 

Both the Pennants and Stripes wallpapers are in our Easy to Apply category. This means that the edges of the panels are solid color, so there's no detailed seam matching involved. Just place the panels side by side with no overlap and — voila! — one seamless look that's fast to apply and will not ruin your relationship with your application partner. ;-)

We're thrilled to offer these new designs at MUSE Wall Studio. In celebration of the new collection, we have the Nostalgic Plaid Sample Set, the Vintage Stripes Sample Set, and the Classic Pennants Sample Set available for you to see all the rich color options together.

You can also order samples individually for just $3 each (and free shipping, as always!) by selecting the sample size on the product page. 

Now settle in with a hot mug of your favorite drink and enjoy #allthefeels while browsing the designs and dreaming of your home retreat. :)