Wallpaper for Your Home Office

One of our favorite places to add a burst of color with wallpaper is in the home office. Whether your office is a fully fledged room with desk, chairs, and diplomas, or a tiny corner carved out of your living room, there are lots of ways to incorporate your wallpaper obsession. Here are some ideas from our community...

1. Modern Jungle Home Office

Below is a home office we can all drool over. Liz Fogarty, a Washington DC based photographer, wanted a little botanical inspiration while editing photos at her desk, and chose our Big Bold Banana Leaf wallpaper paired with a clear desk and airy elements.

Banana leaf wallpaper for home office

 2. Retro Botanical Office Vibes

One of our customers, Ashley, has some serious retro vibes happening in her work-from-home situation. We love it! She chose our Found in the Wild wallpaper, paired with a 70s style pelican print and mid century modern styling.

Tropical feature wall in home office 

3. Black and White Home Office

Sometimes bold is best with black and white. It's easy to choose a BIG pattern (in this case, our Marble Stone Modern Mural) when the color scheme is on point.

Marble feature wall for home office 

4. Stylish Home Office Nook

Even if you don't have a lot of space for your home office, you can still fit in some major style. This small office nook features our Sea Floral wallpaper  and framed family photos. Just add your laptop and a notebook and you're good to go. 

Tiny home office decor

5. Feminine Home Office

A small office can feel a little claustrophobic when you're staring at blank walls, but add some darling accessories and pretty pattern to turn it into an escape. Shown is our Rose Braided Rope wallpaper.

Home office DIY

6. Dalmatian Dots Modern Home Office

This home office is from our friend Olivia @lustliving and features MUSE Wall Studio Dalmatian Dots peel and stick wallpaper. We love everything about this office, from the Ikea-hack desk to the plants and leather chair, and of course the wallpaper. :)

Dalmatian Dot office wallpaper


7. Cheery Office Nook

Sometimes all you need is the tiniest splash of pattern to add life to your space. This tiny office nook features our Blue Bohemian Scallops peel and stick wallpaper in a custom color, which really adds a cheery bohemian feel. 

Mini home office wallpaper

How are you adding style to your home office these days? More plants? New organization system? Better lighting? If you'd like to try peel and stick wallpaper but need some help getting started, send us a message and we'll help you make your wallpaper dreams a reality.