Five Things To Do With Your Wallpaper Samples

So you’ve ordered wallpaper samples and have the little beauties in hand. At this point you might be asking yourself...

Now what?

Many high hopes of a total room transformation stall at this phase, but don't let yourself be one of them! Let's be finishers, people.

Here are the next steps to create your custom-curated home, starting with the perfect wallpaper...

MUSE peel and stick wallpaper samples

Examine the Color

Checking out the color is the most important thing you can do with your peel and stick wallpaper samples. We make them in a reduced scale so you can see all the design’s colors within the small sample swatch.

Take the samples into the room you plan to wallpaper. See how the lighting conditions look on the colors. Now is also a good time to coordinate the wallpaper with paint colors, upholstery, and accessories to create the look you’re after. Is the wallpaper not quite the color you need? We can usually customize the color. Just ask our super friendly Design Consultants here.

Try the Material

If this is your first time using MUSE peel and stick wallpaper you might feel nervous — totally normal! Samples are the perfect way to ease into comfort with the material. Peel off the sample piece’s paper backing and stick it to your wall. See how it looks on the surface.

Use the samples to test out the material on your iffy spaces — that highly textured wall, your very humid bathroom, or that chest of drawers you want to wallpaper. See if the material sticks well, if you like how it looks, and if it stays up for at least a week. Try removing it and repositioning it, as many times as you’d like. Pretty easy, right? 

The full rolls are the exact same easy-to-use material as the samples, and applying them will be a similar experience. You'll place the panel on the wall and reposition as needed to get it just right. How are you feeling so far? Getting a little more confident? We’ve had thousands of wallpaper newbies and self-professed “non-handy” customers install perfectly, and we know you can, too. :)

Compare to the Full Scale Images

Check out the full scale look on our website. The images on each product page show the full scale wallpaper. We often provide a scale reference in the product information to help describe the pattern size (for example, dots are 2 inches in diameter). Use a measuring tape or ruler to help you envision the scale. Still having trouble visualizing it? Contact us and we’ll send over additional visuals for your particular pattern or mural, plus info on how to order a custom full-scale sample. 

Measure Your Space

Next you’ll want to know how much wallpaper to get for your space, right? It’s time to crunch a few numbers — but just a few!

To figure out how much you'll need, simply measure the maximum width and height of your wall. The HEIGHT measurement will tell you what size panel you should get, and must be equal to or less than the wallpaper panel height. For example, a 94" high wall would require a 96" high panel. Now you know the appropriate panel size for your wall. Boom!

The WIDTH of your wall will tell you how many panels you'll need (the quantity). Just divide the width (in inches) by 27. That number is how many panels you'll need. For example, if your wall is 132" wide, you'll need five panels because 132 divided by 27 is 4.88 panels — round up to the nearest whole number. 

If you’re the kind of person who stress sweats when it’s time to calculate a tip, just send your wall dimensions and we'll help you out. No stress required!

Place Your Order

Now that you found the wallpaper design you love, in the perfect color, with sizing info in hand, the only thing left to do is place your order. Select your size and quantity on the website and click submit! We’ll get started making wallpaper that’s just for you. Once we ship you’ll get a fun little email with your tracking number so you can stalk your package until it arrives at your door.


To learn more about samples and how to order them, check out our Samples page here.