5 Things Designers Wished You Knew

...About Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Designer inspired peel and stick wallpaper

Ready for the inside scoop? 

We hear from designers decorating spaces for clients, and also for their own homes. They love peel & stick wallpaper because it opens a huge range of design possibilities for clients. Peel & stick wallpaper gives design clients (even renters!) so many perks:

  • Makes the space look cohesive
  • Allows designers to highlight a feature color or theme
  • Fills a blank wall in an unexpected way
  • Creates many layering options to add depth and visual texture

Interior designers love MUSE wallpaper in particular because of the beautiful and versatile designs on the most reliable material, as well as our ability to customize prints and make bespoke designs. 

Designer peel and stick wallpaper

Designers we chat with want their clients to understand a few basic principles and ideas about peel & stick wallpaper.

5 Things Designers Wished You Knew About Peel & Stick Wallpaper

  1. Peel & stick wallpaper doesn't have to be permanent (but it can be!). If you're using MUSE wallpaper then you can be sure of two things: first, that it is 100% renter safe and comes off without damaging the walls; second, that it actually last and lasts and won't come off unless you peel it. This opens up so.many.options for people a little hesitant to permanently commit to a specific pattern. It's also a slam dunk if you want to self install. 
  2. White is your friend. If you're nervous about adding pattern to your walls, there is one easy trick to make sure it's not too bold for you: choose a design with a white background. Get your dose of color with a little added safety of the neutral white anchoring the design.
  3. Try a neutral. If you're REALLY nervous about wallpaper but know you need it in your life, choose a neutral color that also has a white background. We love Lighthearted HerringboneRococo Glamour, and Glowy Flowers for Hours, for example. 
  4. It's all about the layers. Upgrade the look by layering art on top of your wallpaper. Adding art over your wallpaper gives you that "next level" look  professional designers are known for. Minimalist art with wide borders looks fantastic on top of many of our wallpaper patterns. 
  5. Just go for it! Don't let yourself get stuck in indecision and never make a decor change. If in doubt, go with your gut and choose the design that makes you feel most energized and excited for wallpaper. You'll never go wrong!