MUSE Artist Feature: Naomi McCavitt

MUSE artist partner Naomi McCavitt drawing at a desk

Blending scientific illustration and design, Naomi McCavitt is one of the incredibly talented artists MUSE collaborates with to provide one-of-a-kind art for any space.

McCavitt has degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University and the San Francisco Art Institute, and has displayed her art at various shows throughout the country. She started Thicket Design in 2017 to launch a full-time freelance career.

In true artist fashion, there’s a method to the magic; a reason for her work extending beyond simple enjoyment and sharing of talent.

“I believe the world of interior design is ready for content, the world of science needs the indigenous perspective, and the world of art can make space for the useful and beautiful. I seek a pluralistic approach, navigating multiple fields and forms as well as engaging talented collaborators in fields outside of art to prioritize the message and action above all else,” McCavitt states on her website.

Prints like these make it clear that she emphasizes scientific accuracy through artistic detail. Works of art that can also be used as legitimate educational tools:

MUSE Natural Wonder Beetles peel and stick wallpaper by Naomi McCavitt

Natural Wonder Beetles in White


MUSE peel and stick wallpaper The Watercolor Herbalist by artist partner Naomi McCavitt

The Watercolor Herbalist


Material Minerals on Brushed Blush, peel and stick wallpaper by MUSE artist Naomi McCavitt

Material Minerals on Brushed Blush


I highly encourage you to check out Naomi’s website, MUSE collection, and Instagram to learn more about her captivating art!

-Leah from MUSE