Sneak Peek: New Nature-Inspired Wallpaper

We've been preparing a super exciting new peel and stick wallpaper collection, and we're finally able to share it with you all!


"Birds and Branches," a new wallpaper and mural collection by MUSE artist Naomi McCavitt. 

Naomi makes gorgeous fine art inspired by nature, approaching each detail with abundant curiosity and obsessive artistry. In her newest series she's made a truly exquisite mural in Chinoiserie style as the collection foundation. We're offering the mural in a variety of colors that take it from classically beautiful to moody and modern. 


Naomi is known for her custom hand-painted murals, and this new peel and stick mural gives the opportunity for everyone to get the gorgeous look that she creates.

A hand-painted mural by Naomi McCavitt as shown in Design Sponge.

We're so happy to be offering this original artwork in our luxury peel and stick wallpaper, suitable for everything from postage-stamp apartments to expansive hotel lobbies.


The Birds and Branches Mural in Peach Sunrise.

Naomi paints each tiny detail with loving attention, and the result is a full scale masterpiece that shows every brushstroke and rich hue, just as if she's come to your home to paint across the wall. 

The Bird and Branches mural in charcoal, perfect for creating major drama.

In addition to the incredible mural, we have some other beautiful options playing off the Birds and Branches theme.

One of our Bird and Branches columnar designs that's sooo easy to apply.

One of those options is wallpaper with climbing tower designs, which both look beautiful and are incredibly easy to apply. The edges of each wallpaper roll are all solid color (in the example above, white) so there is no need to carefully match up the panels when you're placing them side by side on the wall. One of our team members here at MUSE says these designs are so easy to apply that a tall five year old could do it. We kind of agree. :)


A beautiful silhouette version of the Bird and Branch tower design.

Be on the lookout for these designs in several different color options that all give a distinct look and feel. It's all about the options.

But wait! There's more! ;) 

In addition to these looks we're also releasing a few other nature-inspired prints by Naomi that are just so EXTRA and we're obsessed. One is a sepia-toned moth pattern on a variety of moody and fun background colors. The teal background is shown below.

Moth Museum in Teal, part of a new wallpaper collection by Naomi McCavitt for MUSE Wall Studio.

Moth Museum in Teal is such a fun way to create an eclectic specimen display case look that's both vintage and edgy. We've prepared a couple darker options as well that would be amazing with a tufted leather couch and vintage globe. Just sayin'.

The last little peek we'll share here is this airy arrangement of herbs, shown below. The plants are hand-drawn in ink, and Naomi has painted a loose overlay in watercolor that gives an effortless and natural look. 

The Watercolor Herbalist peel and stick wallpaper 

Now that we've whetted your appetite, check out the full collection here

If you order now, we can get this shipped before the holidays so you can apply it and dazzle your guests with your chic style. 

As always, if you have questions about sizing for your wall, please contact us and our Design Consultants will be happy to offer recommendations. We're ready to help you create some #peelstickmagic.