6 Beginner Peel & Stick Wallpaper Projects

If you're very nervous about using peel and stick wallpaper for the first time, start out with a small, fun project! It's a great way to get used to the material and gain confidence in your application skills. Trust us, you CAN wallpaper a whole wall, but we understand feeling some uncertainty when trying a new DIY project. Here are 6 fun beginner projects you can do with MUSE Wall Studio peel and stick wallpaper that are fast and easy.

1. Wallpaper Your Stair Rises

Order some pre-cut pieces custom sized for your stairs (ask us about it!) and simply peel off the paper backing and stick on. Voila!

2. Make a Sign

You can do this type of project with our smallest roll size (27 inches x 32 inches). We can even reduce the scale of the print if you'd like, as shown here.

Below is a slightly more advanced sign project. It's going to be a bit more effort to smooth the material over the curved edges, but so worth it! Isn't this darling?!


3. Cover the Back of a Shelf

Have a little shelf or nook? Add a pop of color and major personality with some wallpaper! This project used one panel of size 27 inches x 64 inches and took about one hour to complete (including installing the shelves). 


4. Makeover a Piece of Furniture

Hack your furniture with wallpaper! Here one of our customers covered a tabletop. You could add MUSE wallpaper to turn an old hand-me-down piece into something super special and luxe — think cabinets, shelving, or armories.  


5. Cover a switch plate

This is a fun idea you can do with wallpaper samples!


6. Wallpaper the front of a dresser

Another furniture hack, but so beautiful we thought it worth sharing. Don't you love the orange knobs? The wallpaper on the drawer-fronts give the perfect pop of color and texture to this all-white piece. 


So what do you think? Ready to try out a mini project to build your confidence with MUSE peel and stick wallpaper (and add some personality to your house)? Shop all of our wallpaper and mural choices here. For help with sizing for your mini project, connect with one of our Design Consultants here