Energize Your Space for Autumn

We’re back with some fall decor recommendations, beyond simple wallpaper selections! Want homey autumnal vibes everywhere you look? Keep reading to get those creative juices flowing…

woman reading on a couch with a throw blanket

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

Neutral base, pops of color

Keeping your walls and furniture simple in order to allow space for accents to pop is a fairly classic design tool; it allows you to change up your decor without too much effort. Fortunately for this season, neutral tones also radiate a warmth often associated with fall aesthetics. Check out our neutral wallpaper options here!

decorative pumpkins and skulls in front of a fireplace


I mean, obviously! Pumpkins, foliage, twigs, and any other warm-toned outdoorsy things you feel like bringing inside (or, ya know, purchasing from Michaels or Target). Bonus points if you’re a Halloween lover and wanna throw in some skulls or anything witchy!

fairy lights over a window curtain

Fairy lights

Fairy lights, and/or plain white Christmas lights, are also a great touch to add warmth to a space. They create an ambiance that pairs nicely with the overall vibe of fall, so I highly recommend hanging them up wherever you’d like to feel especially cozy. Living rooms and bedrooms are popular choices! Bonus points for being pretty simple to apply and remove (though I think you’ll probably want to leave them up forever—or at least for a really long time!).

I hope these ideas helped you drum up some of your own for transforming your home into a cozy autumn wonderland, and be sure to share with us whatever you choose to do, if you want! We love hearing from past, present, or potentially future customers :)

- Leah from MUSE