Before & After: Michele's Long Hallway

Hey, there! It's Emily from MUSE Wall Studio here, and today I want to share a real-life case study with you. A few months ago one of our customers, Michele in  Massachusetts, reached out to us with a question. She had a big wall — partly open to the kitchen, and partly a cloistered hallway — that desperately needed some attention. She was looking for advice on a wallpaper choice for the space. Here are a couple of photos of the wall:
The wall is about 20 feet long, with one standard door and one extra wide door.
This section of the wall, surrounding the dining room entryway, is highly visible from the kitchen bar where the family spends a lot of time.
Since some of the wall is essentially in the kitchen, Michele wanted a wallpaper that coordinated with the recent kitchen upgrade — navy blue and light blue cabinets, white counters, and mid century modern fixtures. She had fallen in love with our Loire Valley Mural and asked if that might be a good choice for the space.
Initially I tried to steer her away from that choice because she'd have to cut out so much of the design due to the doorways. It felt like a waste! But after going through about ten different options and ordering samples, Michele still felt like the Lorie Valley Mural was the right choice for her. 
So we made a custom sized mural for her wall...
...and I'm so glad we did!!! Look how it turned out!
Loire Valley Mural custom sized for a 20 foot wide wall, partly visible from the kitchen.
The colors are spot on. The texture it brings to the space is JUST RIGHT. The organic feel is a lovely contrast to the sharper edges of the kitchen. Overall, I'd say it's perfect!
Here's a look at the far left portion of the wall.
While the wallpaper is smooth, the design looks textured, like the wall is a canvas freshly painted by the artist.
The mural took Michele (ok, maybe her husband) a few hours to install. She said the trickiest panel was the first one, and after they got the hang of using the material it went very quickly. 
While Michele did have to trim off a substantial section for the doorways, she has plans to use the big leftover section as a large-scale art piece on a different wall, surrounded by a faux frame. She'll also paint the wall above the coffee counter (on the right edge of the mural) in a coordinating color.
Here's the far right section of the mural.
And check out the final before and after look. What a change! I'm so glad Michele stuck with her gut and selected this mural. It's perfect for the look she's creating, and draws together the colors in her home in a really natural way. 
Do you have an awkward wall in your home that needs some special attention? Browse our huge selection of murals and wallpaper designs, and ask for a quote for your space. MUSE Design Consultants will help you stay true to your instincts and create your dream room, just like Michele.