MUSE Artist Feature: Morgan Rollinson


October’s MUSE artist feature is Morgan Rollinson, a North Carolina State graduate (class of 2014) with a degree in graphic design. During a summer abroad in Florence, Italy, Morgan studied art at the Florence University of the Arts. She now works as a designer and artist in Raleigh, NC, and her work can be found in boutiques, galleries, and private collections across the United States. Morgan’s paintings are inspired results of a love for our designed world. Her lively blooms, abstracted foliage, and energetic interpretations evoke feelings of lightness and whimsy.

You can find her floral-inspired wallpaper collab here. Let’s check out a few of the options in her collection…

Cottage Pink

This floral pattern feels perfect for a beach house or anywhere you want to summer-fy your space! 

Peony Buds on Soft Green

Reminiscent of the beginning of spring, these soft colors are sure to bring the perfect mix of calm and liveliness to your home/office/wherever.


Morgan’s Bouquet on Pink

Absolutely adorable for any room frequented by lovers of all things pink!

Morgan’s MUSE collection is small but stunning, and we are so excited to have the chance to work with her! You can read more about her work here, here, and here if you are so inclined.

- Leah from MUSE