Beach Staycation Vibes Starter Kit

Now that the weather is warming up and summer is well on its way, I am so ready for a beach vacation. Give me all the beach vacations! Alas, like most adults, I can’t give into the little voice telling me to drop everything and spend the whole summer hanging out by the water, reading books, and basking in the sun.

BUT, luckily for me (and you!), we can bring some of that carefree beach energy into our own homes. Let’s explore our homemade vacay wallpaper options, shall we?


Ocean Dream Mural peel and stick wallpaper

Ocean Dream Mural

Our first selection might be a little on the nose, but hey, what’s a stay-at-home beach vacation without some semblance of the ocean? The Ocean Dream Mural brings a cool, modern vibe to the space it inhabits. Add a wave sound machine and you’ll be well on your way to a blissed out beach state.


Bergen Pink Abstract Wall Mural

Bergen Pink Abstract Wall Mural

I’m obsessed with this gorgeous original art from Susan McClelland, created exclusively for MUSE Wall Studio. I can’t describe this Bergen Pink Abstract number any better than its website description: “The luscious pinks and blues in this mural evoke images of pink sand beaches and exotic getaways.” An exotic getaway for the low price of free?! Sign me up.


Iceland Voyager peel and stick wallpaper

Iceland Voyager

Okay, this original Iceland Voyager mural by Christy Kill looks just like the view you’d get during an actual walk on the beach! So gorgeous. While abstract, it immediately brings a crystal clear memory of strolls on my own favorite beach to mind.

Personally, I’m ready to redecorate my bedroom so three of the four walls contain these beautiful pieces of art, and I can get my staycation on until the time for my real vacay arrives. But if you need a bit more convincing (or just wanna peruse more options), check this out to see our "ocean" options!

-Leah from MUSE