The Importance of Room Aesthetics

Have you ever thought about why you just feel better in some spaces than others? Assuming the company you keep isn’t to blame, it’s likely due to the aesthetics of the room itself.

For example, think back to the K-12 classrooms you’ve encountered. Even though most teachers spend hours trying to make their rooms feel cozy and welcoming, the vibe in those spaces is still pretty cold. There's only so much they can do in space emphasized by harsh lighting and white-washed cinder block walls.

It’s reminiscent of a doctor’s office waiting room; not inspiring or relaxing at all. Now imagine if those same rooms had big, beautiful pieces of art on the walls, a nice area rug, and softer lighting. Better, right? See, if those teachers and office managers had come to us for some room decor recs, we would have shown them our fabulous selection of unique wallpapers.

Whether you’re into funky abstracts, toned down neutrals, or anything in between, we’ve got something for you! And hey, if taking on an entire room seems too daunting, accent walls are always a good idea. Painting can be messy and time consuming, but our peel-and-stick wallpaper application makes livening up any space—and, consequently, your overall mood—an absolute breeze.

But really…I mean, picture our world map wallpaper on the wall of your world history classroom…

World Map Wallpaper

That would’ve been so cool. But hey, now you’re all grown up and can decorate your own spaces however you please, and we would love to help!