Wallpaper on the Ceiling? Huge impact, low risk, and surprisingly easy!

If you're in love with a wall mural or wallpaper design that you think is maybe just a little too much for your wall, consider applying it to your ceiling instead. Wallpaper on the ceiling is a sure bet for so many reasons. Here's a few of our favorite...

1. A pattern on the ceiling is not overwhelming. The eye naturally lands at eye level, so when you walk into a room your restful blank wall is the first thing you're drawn to (and in the case of this jewel box room, the focal point is also that amazing bed!). With the ceiling as an accent rather than THE focus, you can 100% pull off a crazy, amazing print that might normally feel overstimulating for you on a wall.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper on the Ceiling

2. Applying to the ceiling is easier than you think. Applying wallpaper to a regular wall seems daunting for some, let alone applying it to the ceiling! Surely impossible....right??? Wrong! Our friends at Eclectic Twist made an awesome tutorial for you to check out, using our Aqua Swirl mural. You can find it both on our Etsy shop Sweet Pea Wall Design and here on our website

Compared to painting or traditional paste wallpaper, the mess factor applying our peel and stick wallpaper is almost zero. No freaking out over drips on the floor. #winning

3. Wallpaper on the ceiling is a low risk way to mix patterns. Mixing patterns is so fun, so chic, so luscious, but you don't want to overdo it, right? (Or maybe you do, in which case we love you forever.) Try a more neutral pattern on the walls, paired with a louder pattern on the ceiling. We love this bathroom from one of our repeat customers. She wanted a big floral pop in the bathroom without being too girly. She covered the ceiling with our Magnolia Manifesto wallpaper, then painted vertical stripes on the walls in a coordinating color. Perfection. 

Floral wallpaper on the ceiling

So what are you waiting for? Find your dream wallpaper, measure your ceiling, then contact us to help you with just the right size for your wall. You can be #winning, too.