Coming Together

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The New York-based artist Obi-Ora is known for large-scale paintings in which he explores generally unaccepted notions of beauty. 

Obi uses derelict construction materials, including common recycled leather, wood, as canvases. 

Fusing together damaged, unaesthetic scraps of wood and leather, steel plates, and heated black tar, Obi then paints and repurposes them in creative ways.
The artist draws inspiration from his design background and conceptual ideas, which he is “drawn to either because of the composition or colors or subject matter.” 
The resulting objects are textural creations that speak to Obi’s background in conceptual design.

Standard sizing for this wall mural:

  • 75" wide x 64" high (comes in 3 panels)
  • 150" wide x 64" high (comes in 6 panels)
  • 100" wide x 96" high (comes in 4 panels)
  • 200" wide x 96" high (comes in 8 panels)
  • 125" wide x 120" high (comes in 5 panels)
  • 250" wide x 120" high (comes in 10 panels)

The wall mural design may be altered slightly from these pictures to best fit the dimensions you choose. Please contact us about custom sizes for your wall.

Our Peel and Stick Wallpaper is made from high quality, 100% polyester fabric.

Our Traditional Wallpaper is made from high-quality Lead Certified wallpaper.

Why get a reduced-scale sample?
✔ Gain confidence using the material
✔ See the colors in person
✔ Test the peel & stick material on your surface


Beautiful designs + superb quality. Feel confident knowing you have very best peel & stick wallpaper and here’s why:

Stays on the wall. Patented technology means our wallpaper will not fall off your smooth, dry wall.

Easy to remove. MUSE wallpaper will not peel off paint or leave residue on the wall. Safe for renters and indecisive decorators — hooray!

★ Reposition and Reuse. Peel & stick as many times as you’d like, or move it to another wall (just remember to save the paper backing).

Easy to apply. The paper has just the right sturdiness and weight to make seam matching super easy.

Durable. Wash it, use it, love it — our material is ready for whatever you’ve got.

Good to know:

Our removable wallpaper is a special matte polyester wall fabric (not vinyl). You can apply it on a wide variety of surfaces, including furniture, glass, wood, etc.

Do not apply the wallpaper to freshly painted surfaces, or surfaces painted in the last four weeks. For best results, apply to light-colored, smooth surfaces. 

Washable with mild soap and water.

Measure the height and width of your wall, then use our size chart to determine how much to get. Still unsure? Checkout our how-to video on measuring and ordering here. 

Contact us if you have questions!

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MUSE Wall Studio Coming Together