MUSE Artist Feature: Krista Skytta

Our November artist feature is Krista Skytta, whose playful prints bring an abundance of joy to the MUSE collective. You can find her animated wallpaper collection here, and I’ll highlight some of my personal favorites for you below!

Gumball Rain: Retro

This Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs vibe is so much fun, and the bright colors are pleasing to the eye. Krista's collection actually has several gumball prints, which you can find here, but this one is my personal fave!

Daydream Floral

Personally, I’m a big pink girl, so this wallpaper is a Daydream Floral dream come true! It would make an intriguing accent wall in a children’s playroom/bedroom, or in the office of a fun-loving adult to liven up the workplace. (I would definitely put this in a home office.)


Gumdrop Goodness


Last but not least, this print is a top contender for those who prefer something a bit more subtle. Nobody would even know these calming orbs were modeled after a sweet treat unless you told them! What a fun little secret.

Make sure you check out Krista’s entire MUSE collection to see the lively prints not included here…choosing three was really hard!

- Leah from MUSE