Why You Should Have Peel & Stick Wallpaper in Your Nursery

Are you ready to make a cozy and magical nursery for little one that looks as good as you imagine? All the planning and Pinning and daydreaming about creating the nursery is so much fun.

Now, let us help you turn the dream into a reality.

You can easily create your dream nursery by incorporating peel and stick wallpaper into the room to create a major and instant style change. Plus there are some other perks of investing in nursery wallpaper with MUSE Wall Studio. Let's dive in!

Perfect Pinstripe in Blue looking so sweet in Mandy Roberson's new nursery. Image via @mommasociety

Here are our top three reasons why you should use MUSE peel & stick wallpaper in your nursery. 

#1. Our wallpaper gives you the most bang for your buck.

Adding MUSE peel & stick wallpaper is the ONE thing you can do that will completely transform the look and feel of the room.

Sure you can paint the walls, or buy a beautiful crib, or get a special rug, or decorate with prints and mobiles and shelving. But none of those things alone will create a beautiful transformation the way our wallpaper can. 

Larger-than-life florals. Whimsical woodland creatures. Subtle-but-stylish geometrics. When you use wallpaper you're creating a truly special place. 

A neutral nursery with storybook appeal. This is the Woodland Forest Wall Mural shown by @droma1 for her new baby.

#2. Our peel & stick wallpaper is easy to change!

If you need to move the baby to a different room when another sibling comes along, or update the decor to a "big kid" or teen space, no worries. Just take down the wallpaper and use it on a different wall or choose a new pattern entirely.

MUSE Wall Studio peel and stick wallpaper doesn't peel off paint or damage your walls. For real. It's also extremely durable and long-lasting so you can remove it and reuse it, or keep it up forever. 

Easy transition to big boy room with the versatile and lively Ocean Deep mural. Image from @ambernicoledesigns, children's interior designer.

#3. Our wallpaper is super easy to install and totally mess-free. 

This is where MUSE really shines. The wallpaper is easy to apply (no installer needed!) and a perfect afternoon project. We include simple application instructions and a soft-edged squeegee for smoothing. We're confident in saying this is going to be one of your most satisfying DIY projects ever. :)

Most of our customers are wallpaper newbies. You CAN install yourself, and it will look great. 

Ready to get started? Browse our Nursery Wallpaper collection and order some samples of your favorite designs.

Then check out our handy sizing chart to decide how much to order. Need help? Just ask! We're here to help you create the perfect nursery for your new arrival.  

Love the Dalmatian Dots peel & stick wallpaper paired with sweet pink in this stylish nursery from @my_everything_baby_shop


MUSE has been making peel & stick wallpaper since 2017, and we've quickly developed a cult following among our devoted customers. Here are all the reasons why they love us:

  • Our patented peel & stick material is easy to apply, with mess-free installation — perfect for wallpaper newbies.
  • It's also highly durable and lasts on the wall indefinitely. No need to worry about it falling off the wall months later. 
  • If you decide to remove it, simply peel off! No residue stays behind on the wall, and no paint peels off with it. Super safe for renters.
  • Our wallpaper has exceptionally vivid color that pops on the wall.
  • Our much-loved customer service team is here to help you with special sizes, custom color options, or assistance in choosing the right amount.

Now check out all of our favorite nursery wallpapers and order a sample today!.