MUSE Artist Feature: Christy Kill

Our August MUSE artist feature is Christy Kill, with whom we are fortunate enough to have an exclusive wallpaper collab consisting of Christy’s gorgeous, abstract masterpieces. Here are a few of the prints we love the most!

Iceland Voyager

We’ve featured “Iceland Voyager” in a previous blog post, but hey, it’s just that incredible. Christy’s work is largely inspired by nature, and this piece of art is reminiscent of your favorite shoreline, wherever that may be. Her wall prints, like all of her work, offer an escape from daily life. Isn’t that something good art should often do?



This space-inspired print is out-of-this-world fun! (Pun most definitely intended.) It would be perfect in a kids’ room, but is grown up enough to style anywhere you’d like.


Spring Paths

We love the light, happy vibes this abstract mural gives off. Anywhere you need to amp up the creativity, this baby would thrive. Or anywhere you want to feel happier. Soooo, everywhere? Yeah, this mural should be put up everywhere. What do you think? Let us know!

Check out Christy’s Linktree, MUSE collection, and Instagram if you’re interested in seeing more of her incredible work!

- Leah from MUSE